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Universal Summit of the Mountain-top Eagles

Prophet Dr. Batire


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It is written in the bible that the steps of the righteous are being ordered by the Lord. So with no shadow of doubt in our mind, we can say that your steps were ordered by the Lord  unto URSOME site. It is therefore our hope and prayer that as you navigate this site, that your heart will find the peace of God and enough spiritual and emotional nutrient for your spirit and soul.


It is our desire to upload messages both audio and video of URSOME Conference unto this site for your free enjoyment and enrichment and if you are blessed by the messages and you wish to download the messages; you will be able to do so just at a token, which will enabled us to continue to do the work of the ministry of our Lord Jesus Christ. We therefore humbly request you to please visit this site from time to time and signpost others to do so.


Given that URSOME Conference is a yearly event, which shall continue to be held in the second week of November of every year, we encourage you to attend this heavenly ordained event if you are located in the United Kingdom or if God give you the grace to attend. As the slogan goes, there are only three steps to URSOME; No 1: Make your mind to be there, No 2: Mark your diary & No 3: Be there on time. For it shall be AWESOME in URSOME.


Shalom. Shalom.

Prophet Dr. Martins & Pastor Helen Batire 

URSOME Conference Conveners

Universal Summit of the Mountain-top Eagles

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